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A love that will never die!

Some of you may be familiar with the padlock as a symbol for love. The first time I saw the love padlocks was in Florence on the Ponte Vecchio. Today I saw thousands upon thousands of love locks on the … Continue reading

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Au revoir Hong Kong,Bonjour Paris

Here I am again, back at the airport after only 24 hrs in Hong Kong. The timing was just perfect for a long awaited trip to Paris so we got the Ricard out and had a celebratory pastis to get … Continue reading

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Marry me,please!

I spent last Friday,Sat,Sun in Shanghai at the home of my Shanghai connection. We had a wonderful weekend and explored many areas of the vast city using the very convenient clean and fast metro. Occasionally we used the reasonably priced … Continue reading

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A glimpse of old Hong Kong

At the airport today while on my way to the gate I came across the most interesting display of old photographs of Hong Kong in days gone by. They are so interesting and show the people working hard and also … Continue reading

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French in a flash,creamy mussels

We continue on our seafood “binge” tonight for supper was delicious French mussels bought from City Super, at $248 for 1.5kg. The recipe is simple to follow and was found by Internet search. Most of the ingredients will no doubt … Continue reading

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Quick Bouillabaisse

For lunch today we had a catty of boiled shrimps which we peeled and dipped in light soya sauce with chopped red chillies. This is a real favourite in Hong Kong homes. I didn’t want to throw away the flavourful … Continue reading

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Bringing home the best holiday souvenirs

While abroad I am not usually interested in shopping.I know this is unusual but coming from the Mecca of shopping I have very little interest in the souvenir shops. I do however love the supermarkets abroad. I like to buy … Continue reading

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