Tea & Art heal everything!

A small piece of art that I made last night while being totally alone for the first time in a couple of months.
My art supplies have been boxed up and untouched since Christmas, but yesterday I woke up and rearranged my room and put out all my art materials. 😉 my life has been changed forever and there is a huge painful gap in my heart but I hope to fill that space with creativity and not self pity.
This is my first offering; I do love tea, I drink about 10 cups a day if I am at home.
I also put a little Prosecco in my tea cup last night but hey, whatever gets you through the night!

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2 Responses to Tea & Art heal everything!

  1. Sarah Andrich says:

    Love it, Karen! Good for you for getting back into your art. I know it makes you happy 🙂

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